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Personal Training

Clients at all levels benefit from INLINE’s unique combination of weight training, Pilates, high intensity conditioning, & muscle isolation. Our trainers will expertly balance your weight loss, muscle toning, and body shaping goals. We believe variety + intensity + form = results! Solo & duo sessions available.

Equipment Pilates

A long, strong, & aligned core is the key to a great looking & functioning body. Pilates provides this and much more! With a lengthened body shape & flatter midsection your clothes will fit better, your exercise performance will excel, and your muscle tone will shine! Solo, duo, & trio sessions available.

Specialty Services & Sessions

Weight Loss & Conditioning

IMG_9373We are here to give you the hard workouts, support, and motivation necessary for weight loss! We will also help you lose fat without gaining excess muscular bulk. Don’t wind up heavier, thicker, and hungry! Instead lose the weight and reshape your body so you are thrilled with the final results.

Body Shape & Toning Sessions

Do you have body parts that refuse to improve?  Most of these issues can be easily cured by the experts at INLINE. Once you understand how to “feel” exercise using the proper speed, position, and resistance your results will soar! Bring us your wish list during your consult and watch what we can do!

Running, Cycling, & Athletic Training

If you are seeking to enhance your athletic performance & injury proof your body the INLINE method creates amazing and immediate results! Our hands on techniques will balance your muscles, cure aches and pains, deepen your flexibility, and increase your cardio endurance and power. Find out why professional athletes such as Justin Tucker and Jeremy Zuttah of the Baltimore Ravens trust INLINE with their supplemental training.

Post Rehab Exercise & Injury Prevention

Many injuries, aches, and pains have their basis in an unbalanced body. Physical therapy often addresses the localized problem, but does not the underlying alignment issues.  If you want to say good bye forever to your injuries and bridge the gap between physical therapy and fitness then work with the experts at INLINE!

Pre & Post Natal Training & Pilates

Before you dive into exercise trying to keep your pre pregnancy shape or “get your body back” consult with the experts at INLINE! Maintaining a healthy weight is only half the battle. Staying connected to your core and postural alignment so that you can return to shape quickly is just as important. We can show you safe and effective ways to keep your spine, pelvis, and hips young and strong!



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