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INLINE Private Training was founded in 2004 as a response to the need for a quality private training studio in Baltimore. Josh Kirk, the owner and founder, also desired to bring his technique (the INLINE Art of Exercise) into a high end personalized service setting. Away from the influences of the gym his clients could train without distraction and enhance their results.

The original INLINE studio was built inside a two story row home on O’Donnell Square in Canton. There the combination of Personal Training and Pilates first took place and proved to be an excellent method for sculpting even sleeker body shapes. After 3 years, INLINE had outgrown its surroundings and moved to a larger facility in Upper Harbor East adding many excellent trainers to it’s staff. Despite the challenges brought to that area in 2007 and 2008, INLINE managed to grow its name, customer base, and evolve with the times. Eventually, INLINE added a successful small class program in addition to its private session business base.

After 5 years, INLINE Private Training looked back to it’s roots and moved to 2318 Boston St. in Canton in March 2012. Only private Pilates and Personal Training sessions are conducted at the new location. Several months later an additional space close to the private studio in Canton was converted into INLINE Group Fitness at 720 S. Montford Ave. and the group class program was revived!




Amid a whirl wind of images, desires, and misinformation people pursue their journey into fitness without considering their individual strengths and weaknesses.  Often through painful trial and error they derive a program that works with little efficiency and in the wrong direction. Many just follow the paths of others and get drawn into cookie cutter weightlifting programs. Months later when they are inflexible, injured, looking thick and squatty, and gaining weight from their enormous appetite they have second thoughts about their choices. Yet they continue in the same mode not wanting to be the “whistle blower” and hoping more of the same will fix the problem. Insanity.

A great looking balanced body, high end performance, and injury free longevity stem from the ability to know yourself, and better yet, for the right trainer to know you. INLINE’s unique understanding of injury, alignment theory, lengthened resistance training, and athletic performance is combined into the INLINE Art of Exercise. This method creates beautiful resilient bodies that contain grace and true power. Meet with Josh and unravel your potential during a consultation, then start the best workouts of your life with INLINE’s trainers and Pilates instructors.

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