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INLINE barre I Bel Air I

Barre + Pilates

Welcome to INLINE Barre! Your new home for Barre, Pilates, & Children’s Dance Classes in Bel Air!

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Pilates Reformer Classes 

Pilates Private Instruction 


The INLINE Barre method stems from owner Heather Kirk’s love of Barre, Pilates, and intense creative training that is fun and full of variety. Our classes fulfill your total fitness needs and prevent boredom and fitness plateaus.

Unlike overcrowded and unsightly gyms, our classes are offered in an intimate environment without a contract. INLINE’s professional instructors are knowledgeable and watchful ensuring you get the most from every class.

Enjoy being a part of the INLINE Barre community and attend our many events and socials with the instructors. Boutique fitness is the wave of the future so come along for the ride!

With over 120 classes per month you will be sure to find a combination that meets your fitness goals and schedule.

Adult Classes include:

Barre Fit
Barre Sculpt
Booty Barre Fit
Yoga Barre -coming soon!
Barre + Pilates Fusion
Mat Pilates
Solo & Group Pilates Reformer Classes – coming soon!

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