Resolve to Evolve Beyond the Gym

Are gym crowds killing your New Year resolution?

It has to be one of the most frustrating workout experiences ever. You have a gym membership, you’re completely motivated to start a New Year fitness resolution, you show up amped to workout…only to find your gym has been taken over by fly-by-night fitness zombies! No open cardio machines, the guys have taken over the weight room even more than usual, and the classes are so packed full of people with terrible form you can’t even focus on your own!

What is the best resolution solution?

It’s guided exercise at INLINE Fitness! Invest in a few private sessions to get you back in gear.  Join the INLINE New Year Evolution series. Or attend diverse, effective, unlimited group classes with proper space and individual attention. Don’t waste one more hour of your precious time in the gym. Get in and get done at INLINE! Is your wallet a little lite after the holidays? No problem, $49 gets you 30 days of unlimited classes as a first time student. That’s plenty of time to rock your resolution! Want to challenge yourself more and be in awesome shape by then end of February? Join the INLINE New Year Evolution and in 6 six weeks reveal your new 2014 body!

Don’t even think about hiring a gym trainer!

The personal trainers and Pilates instructors at INLINE are seasoned professionals who have elevated themselves above the din of the gym. They are technical experts, motivational coaches, and (yes) sometimes the person you love to hate. But in the end there is no more effective way to change your body than to work with an INLINE trainer or Pilates instructor! INLINE training and Pilates gives you an excellent balance of weight loss, conditioning, toning, core strength, posture, and flexibility! Invest in the most important thing you possess, your body! Start with a free consult by emailing

The INLINE Evolution Fitness Camp 1 year later

Heather and I started the INLINE New Year Evolution fitness camp in 2013 to bring the power of our combined private studio training to a group class setting.  Admittedly, we were a little nervous about taking such a leap, but after the first class we knew we had something special. What we thought might just be a “one off” turned into a full year of Evolution series classes thanks to your demand! Luckily, we were able to harness the talents of Scott and Tanya and recently started a morning and evening training option.

One year later we are happy to report the fabulous success of the INLINE Evolution participants, and the entire INLINE family as a whole! Those that have been consistent in attending private sessions, classes, small group, and the INLINE Evolution series have lost  10, 20, 30, 40 pounds and dozens of inches! They are longer, leaner, stronger, and more upright human beings! (Yes, this also means more evolved.) To join the Evolution click here!


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